The Museum of Native American History

The Museum of Native American History invites all to “walk through America’s past,” where they will give you a glimpse into what life was like for America’s first inhabitants. The museum is divided into five different time periods that will guide you through the constantly changing lives of the Native Americans, as seen through their artifacts.

8th Street Market

8th Street Market is a community-focused food hub, where a spirit of creativity meets entrepreneurship, growing a group of tenants that serve one another as well as the community. By supporting small and midsize local farmers, 8th Street Market gives back in more ways than one, pairing culinary excellence and experiences to feed a cycle of growth for the area’s agricultural producers and food entrepreneurs.


Ledger is the first-ever bikeable building with six stories of exterior switchbacks that lead to incredible views of Downtown Bentonville. The ramps will be open to the public during business hours, and workplace members will have exclusive access to bike-friendly amenities.

The Walmart Museum Heritage Lab

Located on the first floor of the Ledger, The Walmart Museum Heritage Lab is a temporary location while the Walmart Museum undergoes renovations. In addition to interactive touchscreens and fascinating artifacts, the lab also has some special exhibits to enjoy such as: Mr. Sam the Hologram, interactive globe, and a LEGO model of the 5&10.

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel

The Chapel was created by renowned Arkansas architect E. Fay Jones. Fay was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, who first introduced him to the principle of organic architecture (designing to fit the environment). Located 15 minutes north of the Bentonville Square in Bella Vista.